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Children and romance seem to be the number 1 and 2 toppers of what people are looking to have photographed as of late. Recently another ex high school classmate announced through social media that she would be getting married. Some time had passed and I finally decided to ask her if she had a photographer. She advised me that she was low on funds and

it wasn’t in the budget. I told her I’d message her privately and I did.


You see a few short months ago I had mentioned on the same site that I couldn’t find a reasonably priced Moby wrap or sling for my baby. No questions asked, she sent it to me through the mail. She didn’t even want the money it cost for postage in return. I thought this was pretty cool considering we hardly even spoke in high school. Now with multiple kids, we have more in common. So she knew I was in a situation where I couldn’t just go blow 60.00 on a Moby or sling and helped me out. Well, no good deed goes unNOTICED. I didn’t think a time would come that I would be able to repay the favor, but it did. I told Janis that I was going to make her a deal. I cannot reveal exactly what the deal was because I do this for money as well as my passion for it, and do not wish for everyone to start doing me fake favors in order to receive discounts.

This worked out wonderfully. The day of we had some problems figuring things out as I would shoot the reception at her mom’s following instead of the intimate ceremony out in another part of PA. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly by a few familiar and very friendly faces. I did as I always do and try to get to know the kids first. If you get in good with the kiddies, the rest is smooth sailing. We took some more formal shots and then anything goes….went. As usual, I found a few subjects that I absolutely loved taking photos of. The only one I really liked and didn’t get…the dog.

Most important, I was able to hold up my pay it back and reward Janis for her kindness with a slew of great photos for her to look back on the day. Another great family and more kind words about my work. Nothing can beat that. I wish Janis and Fred a lifetime of happiness and that you can seamlessly combine what seems to be a family only slightly too small for it’s own TLC show. Congratulations to all and thank you for the new references. I now have approximately 3 more shoots coming up due to this one event. Good vibes spread. This is why should always treat people kindly. There’s a plethora of good fortune that comes back to you in some way by someone.