The first photo shoot of June was for Joey’s 7th birthday. Joey’s mother came to me through a referral to shoot another son’s Communion photos in May. She was happy with the results and came back for more. Joey was such a fun little boy and so typical to take pictures of. He was obsessed with feeding the ducks at the river and it made for some great shots. He was however, scaring the heck out of his mom by getting too close to falling in. A great scene for photos, but you can’t change that Philadelphia brown water and you sure don’t want to dive into it to save your child.


Boys this age are great to photograph! They always start out shy and before you know it they’re striking poses like professional models and asking what they should call you. (We’re on a first name basis now) As soon as you feel you’re getting to know them, the session has ended. But hopefully not for long! Joey’s mother may be planning a beach session soon where I may get the chance to meet those other adorable sons.