The Photographer in a Nutshell.

Preference: Pistachio (They’re just roomier)

Karen Mazzoni-Harper is a new portrait and event photographer located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In introductions on her blog, she generally speaks in the third person because she hasn’t acquired an assistant yet to write pleasant things about her. But not an egotistical person…she speaks only referencing what others have said about her and her work.

That said…

Chances are if you have reached this page you were referred by someone with experience in Karen’s services or did a search because you are in need of an affordable photographer, with excellent references, that will do everything they can to make your session or event enjoyable. Having four children of her own, Karen knows well how to get to know even the shyest of children and does whatever silly things she can to make them smile. If it is an event you are looking to have covered, her outgoing personality will help in obtaining those shots you’d like to take on your own, if you weren’t busy running the show. Karen’s main focus it to make sure that when you receive your image proofs, you are delighted with the result. Something that makes you think “I don’t remember seeing that look on their face” or “Did I really do that?”, “She really caught the feel we were going for”. Compared to other photographers in the area, rates are phenomenal and most people do not believe they spent 5 times more in the past on shots that were equally well in quality and many times lacking in creativity and a personal touch. Set up an appointment or just contact Karen to discuss your ideas and she will see how she can bring them to life to create memories you will treasure forever.


4 thoughts on “The Photographer in a Nutshell.”

  1. you are great at what you do Karen! you catch the best photo opps I’ve ever seen! Every photos tells a story from your albums! you’ve got talent girl. I love the photos that involve kids in your albums. You have a way of catching that spark in their eyes!

  2. Just want to say very nice!

  3. Karen – this is Kathy Little I sent you a text-but not sure that is even your cellphone number anymore trying to reach your mother Cheryl we met on a bus trip to Lancaster several years ago and we continued to communicate thru text messages cannot reach her for at least 6 weeks-2 months is she OK or did she possibly change her cellphone number? I know she had leukemia and a history of brain surgery so i am concerned about her So sorry to bother you Thanx- Kathy

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